Pastor Jessica Trevithick described and best known as a uniquely gifted creative preacher, visionary leader, keynote conference speaker, filmmaker, poet, actor, and mentor.  She has been graced with Arts and technology as a powerful ministry tool and platform that has especially reached the postmodern generation touching and changing lives.  She is a Christ centered pastor preaching with innovative talents that are memorable in relaying God’s truth to people of all ages.  With a Doctorate of Ministry and emphasis on preaching, evangelism, technology and artistic mediums, and a Masters in theology she is not afraid to go where God calls.  Dr Jessica was featured on ‘infocus’—Hope Australia channel relaying the importance of pastors in using preaching methods in reaching the postmodern generation.  She has spoken both in the USA and Australia at numerous locations. Pastor Jessica is a remarkable woman, making a difference everywhere she goes while helping to change lives for Jesus. 

 If you are interested in Doctor Jessica Trevithick speaking at your church, conference, or event, please complete and submit the inquiry form.  A representative of her ministry will contact you to follow-up on your request. Thank you and blessings.

“I hope to share with people of all ages and ethnicities the knowledge the Gospel story while helping others build a relationship with Jesus and the Gospel story”.